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Never has there been an more iconic hat than Santa Claus's til Mudder Cobb knitted a little gift for her beloved son, Jayne Cobb!

These will make a great birthday or Christmas gift for the Browncoat in your life!

It's always best to handwash handknits but this hat can be machine washed. They're stretchy and should accommodate most head sizes. Order early to ensure it arrives in time for your purposes!

Cost: $30
Shipping: International? Canadian? or want Priority?

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1108 Jayne Hats knitted and counting... My muscle memory for these has developed to the point that I knit without looking. I forget this until someone asks how I'm doing that.

My favorite testimonial...
"we really like the quality of your hats and we were wondering what pattern and yarns you use and if we can have permission to distribute that information among the other knitters we are recruiting ....[your] hats are always popular at conventions for both knitters and buyers, and we would like to work with you to make a more or less "official" [a state browncoat group] pattern that we would endorse"

Bulk Special: 4 Jayne Hats for $100
includes first class shipping to one address.